Monte Vista Institute Staff and Instructors 2024


Owner/Operator:  The Monte Vista Speech and Debate camps are owned and operated by David Matley since 1989.

Director: David Matley:  Under Mr. Matley's  tenure at Monte Vista HS, he has coached 35 state champions and 9 national champions. Since 1992, Mr. Matley has offered two summer camps in speech and debate for students to learn the art of public speaking and competitive speech and debate. During this time thousands of students have gained valuable skills, have gone on to become successful competitors and many have earned acceptance into the top universities in the country. Mr. Matley is also the President and Congress Director for the Golden Gate Speech Association, the District Chair for the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the National Forensic League, as well as the chair of the Congress Committee in the California High School Speech Association. Mr. Matley was inducted into the California High School Speech Association Hall of Fame in 2012.

Junior Institute Director: Courtney Fradelis. Ms. Fradelis is currently the speech and debate teacher at Windemere Ranch Middle School. Ms. Fradelis has been associated with Monte Vista Speech and Debate for the past 10 years as a competior and coach.  During her time as a competitor, Ms. Fradeslis was both a state and national qualifier in interterpretation.  She has been teaching at the camp for the past 9 years.  Her goal is to provide a safe, supportive, and enriching environment for the junior institute students.

Junior Institute 6th Grade Supervisor: Jackson Matley. Mr. Matley, currently a teacher at Diablo Vista Middle School, has competed and coached at Monte Vista for the past 10 years.  He qualfied to the State Championships in congress three times and finished 3rd in the state as a senior.  Mr. Matley has also worked the camp as an instructor and/or superivisor for the past 9 years.


Debate Instructors:  

Sabina Dhindsa:  State Qualifier Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Madeleine Yuan:  4th in the State Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Sanvi Prakash:  State and National Qualifier Lincoln-Douglas Debate.

Zara Mehmood:  State Qualifier Lincoln-Douglas Debate.


Interpretation Instructors:

Maggie Iancu: State and Tournament of Champions Qualifier Humorous Interpretation

Ira Dabke:  State and Nationasl Qualifier Qualifier Humorous Interpretation and Program of Oral Interpretation.

Courtney Fradelis:  State and National Qualifier Humorous and Duo Intepretation.


 Congress Instructor:

Prakriti Saxena:  State Qualifier Champion Presiding Officer Student Congress.

Sam Sheyman: State Qualifier Student Congress


Extemp Instructors:

Ethan Chen:  State and National Qualifier Extemporaneous Speaking.  

Ethem Gulcu:  State and National Qualifier Extemporaneous Speaking


Prepared Speech Instructors:

Chloe Neo:  State Qualifier Original Advocacy

Neil Chandran:  State Qualifier Original Advocacy


Public Speaking Instructors

Danielle Robinson: State Qualifier Extemporaneous Speaking and Congress

Sans Arun: Varsity competitor Informative Speaking







Haifa Akhtar

Sai Balaji

Ashley Charlton

Ira Dabke

Avinash Gajjar

Maggie Iancu

Venya Iyer

Gianna Li

Tanya Mishra

Vivian Nguyen

Sonya Paleja

Christopher Puppo Arepalli

Sanika Saleem

Diya Shah

Giselle Tiensovan




Haifa Akhtar

Sai Balaji

Moumita Balakundhi - 6th Grade

Angel Ekka

Ashley Charlton - 6th Grade

Avinash Gajjar

Rohan Goyal

Nicole Hamm

Doris Hissen

Venya Iyer

Anuva Kapoor

Anusha Kapoor

Angela Kim

Blanche Li

Anika Li

Rishal Melvani - 6th Grade

Tanya Mishra

Vaibhav Muthuraman

Doyel  Nandi

Vivian Nguyen

Sonya Paleja

Christopher Puppo Arepalli

Sahana Rajnikanth

Sonia Sharma

Giselle Tiensovan

Keya Vaidya