Monte Vista Institute Staff and Instructors 2015


Owner/Operator:  The Monte Vista Speech and Debate camps are owned and operated by David Matley since 1989.

Director: David Matley
Under Mr. Matley's  tenure at Monte Vista HS, he has coached 26 state champions and 5 national champions. Since 1992, Mr. Matley has offered two summer camps in speech and debate for students to learn the art of public speaking and competitive speech and debate. During this time thousands of students have gained valuable skills, have gone on to become successful competitors and many have earned acceptance into the top universities in the country. Mr. Matley is also the President and Congress Director for the Golden Gate Speech Association, the District Chair for the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the National Forensic League, as well as the chair of the Congress Committee in the California High School Speech Association. Mr. Matley was inducted into the California High School Speech Association Hall of Fame in 2012.

Junior Institute Director: Lori Matley Mrs. Matley has helped chaperone and work with high school speech students for the past 20 years. For the past 8 years Mrs. Matley has worked as a paraeducator in fourth grade at Greenbrook Elementary.  For the past 10 years Mrs. Matley has directed the hugely popular Junior Speech and Debate Institute . Mrs. Matley's goal is to provide a safe, supportive, and enriching environment for the junior institute students.

Junior Institute 6th Grade Supervisor: Tom Dunlap. Mr. Dunlap, a teacher in the District, has judged debate extensively at the State and National Championships and many other regional and national tournaments.  Mr. Dunlap helped develop the curriculum for the 6th grade junior class and works closely with our instructors to help make that program successful.

Prepared Speech/Public Speaking Lead Instructor: Kimberley Gilles:  Ms. Gilles is a full time English/Speech and Debate instructor at Monte Vista High School and one of the primary coaches on the Monte Vista Speech & Debate Team.  As a former high school competitor, Ms. Gilles brings a wealth of experience to our team and our camps.


Debate Instructors:  

Brian Yu:  State Champion National Extemp 2013 and 2014.  National Finalist in Extemporaneous Speaking 2014.   4 time State and National Qualifier.

Noah Kouchekinia:  State and National qualifier Lincoln-Douglas Debate.

Kevin Luo:  State and National Qualifier Lincoln-Douglas Debate.

Brian Yao:  State Qualifier Lincoln-Douglas Debate.


Interpretation Instructors:

Christopher Connor: Drama instructor and assistant speech and debate coach in interpretation at Monte Vista HS.

Audrey Butler:  State and National Qualifier Humorous Interpretation.

Andrew Ruskin:  State and National Qualifier Humorous Intepretation.

Jessica Heimann:  State and National Qualifer Dramatic Interpretation.

Adam Lee:  State Qualifier Humorous Interpretation



 Congress Instructor:

Jackson Matley:  State Qualifier Student Congress.

Dan Pollak: State and National alternate Student Congress


Extemp Instructor:

Ryan Olson:  State and National Qualifier Extemporaneous Speaking.  


Prepared Speech Instructors:

Neha Dabke:  State Qualifier Original Prose and Poetry 2014 and 2015.


Public Speaking Instructors

Reilly Olson







Audrey Butler

Andrew Ruskin

Adam Lee

Jasmine Tsui

Kira Smith

Kayla Gosnell

Jioo Lee

Tercel Su

Carolyn Kennedy

Courtney Fradelis

Aria Fereydouni

Cole Aungle

Jessica Frankel

Jane Ni





Jasmine Tsui

Kira Smith

Kayla Gosnell

Jioo Lee

Aria Fereydouni

Rohan Murthy

Jason Stone

Henna Kabra

Keertana Katuru

Madison Miszewski

Jessica Frankel

Jane Ni

Dayyan Rizvi

Timothy Huang

Cole Aungle

Mehar Durah

Marian Goldman